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Soft pastels on
Canson MiTientes Touch (steel gray)
6 x 6 inches
sold SOLD – O’Brien Collection

These young little mischiefs were crossing our driveway one afternoon when I was taking my grandson to go hiking. When they spotted my pickup they quickly huddled together and became very still. I was struck how their stripes aligned, which would have improved their camouflage if they’d been in the undergrowth. After a couple of minutes, the raccoons got tired of waiting for us to go away, and began to ramble across the driveway, bumping into each other and tumbling over occasionally, until they finally found their way back down to the creek. Here’s a video I took of them. I don’t know if their mother was around, but it’s not unusual for the mother to hide nearby when people approach. Raccoons waddle when they walk because they step with both legs on one side of their body at the same time, unlike most animals who move front and rear opposite legs or one leg at a time.
Prints and cards also available (click here).