This is my second daily painting, using the same theme as the day before. I’m still not satisfied with the results, and if you look at the reference photo I’m using I think you’ll see why:

1-1-2016 reference photo

The colors aren’t right in my painting. One of the challenges of pastel painting is not being able to mix colors in the same way you can with oils or acrylics. While I can give the appearance of mixing colors by layering strokes of different colors, sometimes that just doesn’t do the job. While I often push the colors brighter or duller in various parts of a painting for the sake of impact, I’m just not even coming close to the original colors this time

I have neither the right blues not the right oranges to achieve the feeling I’m trying to convey in this painting. I’ve been struggling with my selection of blues for awhile now, so it’s time for a visit to Dakota Art to buy some new colors. Stay tuned for further developments on this painting subject.