Portage Island Cliff 6x6 Series No. 12 - pastel painting by Nancy E. Ging © 2017

Portage Island Cliff 6×6 Series No. 12 – pastel painting by Nancy E. Ging © 2017

In “Portage Island Cliff Series No. 12” I tried to loosen up my technique a little more. I like realism, but I also like a more impressionistic feeling. Today I focused especially on keeping the background and the face of the cliff less detailed. Instead I worked with the interaction of the sanded paper and the pastels to suggest textures and shapes. I used the side of a harder pastel to suggest just a few tree trunks in the background and a few shrubs on the edge of the cliff. I also tried to show the late evening sun striking the three featured trees.

One Third of the series completed!

When I started this series focused on the south cliff on Portage Island, my goal was to paint 36 6×6-inch paintings (6 rows of 6 paintings each). Today’s painting marks the one third mark toward completion. Hooray! I keep thinking I’ll get tired of it, but so far it’s still tremendously interesting to me. Painting the same subject repeatedly is a wonderful way to experiment with various techniques and styles. It feels like play!

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