Lummi Island Artists’ Studio Tour – 2016 Labor Day Weekend

Dozens of Lummi Island artists–including myself–will be opening our studios to visitors from 10am to 5pm each day for our 2016 Labor Day weekend Lummi Island Artists’ Studio Tour. There are two places you can see my work: I’ll have a special 6×6 Show at my home/studio (see my blog for details), and larger studio pieces at the Lummi Island Gallery.

7 – Portage Island Cliff 6×6 Series

A popular theory in painting is that if the values are right, it almost doesn’t matter what colors you use. A viewer can still recognize the scene for what it is. I decided to experiment with that theory in this seventh painting in the Portage Island Cliff 6×6 series. complementary colors and values I used […]

6 – Portage Island Cliff 6×6 Series

I’ve been away from this 6×6 project for awhile, so today I approached the subject as if painting it for the first time. I noticed there were some warm reds and violets in the background trees that I hadn’t included before, I think adding them created more depth than on some of my previous paintings […]

5 – Portage Island Cliff 6×6 Series

In this painting, the challenge I set for myself was to render depth while using only two pastel sticks–black and white. All the shadings of gray were achieved by blending the two colors on the painting. blending pastel colors In pastel painting, I can’t really mix colors, but I can layer colors. Pastels are often […]