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Soft pastels with clear gesso underpainting on
Ampersand Pastelbord
12 x 16 inches

sold SOLD – Keiper collection

Our island has a very strong and supportive community–one of the unique features that brought me to move here. Just as the pilings in the painting, we have people who are the sturdy base of our community, the “pillars” of our community–people who have lived here a long time, know the history, and understand how it works. There are also the people who are supportive and protective of others, like the gracefully arching grasses. There are the leaders–the ones who persuade and take the long view, like the tall grasses. There are the groups, the individual clusters of people who hang together; and there are the connectors among those groups, the people with eclectic interests who overlap, linking one group to another. Finally, there are the individualists, the eccentrics, the iconoclasts–those with creative ideas and unusual viewpoints. They are the flowers amidst the grasses.

I hope my love for all the diverse people in our community comes through in this painting.
Prints and cards also available (click here).