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Soft pastels on
Canson Mi Tientes paper
8.5 x 11.5 inches
$330 framed (plus sales tax, shipping and insurance)

Upon purchase, you will be contacted about shipping costs, or
contact me in advance for an inclusive price quote.

This painting was juried into the Northwest Pastel Society’s 29th Annual International Open Exhibition (2015).

Early one morning, I heard a bird hit our living room window. (Fortunately that almost never happens in this house.) I peered out so I wouldn’t frighten the bird if it was alive, which it was. It was in shock, though. I waited a few minutes to see if it would recover, and it tried to move at one point, but clearly couldn’t. I went out to see if anything could be done, but there were no external injuries that I could see. Just as a lovely golden dawn sunlight began to touch us, the bird passed away.

A couple of weeks later, I sat down one evening and completed the sketch for the painting. The next day I received word that my mother had passed away around 4 a.m. Another early dawn passing.
Prints and cards also available (click here).